About us

We are a traveling shop, based out of the Nature coast in beautiful Citrus County, Florida. You can find our collection online and everything we offer is ready to ship out or you can pick it up upon request. You can find us at local markets, events and online. We are travelers, wanderers and we love to seek adventure. Our passion for traveling has brought us to many places around the globe and the products we sell come from both Europe and the United States. 

We offer hand made ceramics, beauty products, apparel, small furniture, gourmet candies, kitchenware and many more, original and unique products you don’t find in your regular chain stores. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see what's new or where we hang out.

Thank you for shopping at our store. We hope to meet you and connect at an event on the West Coast of Florida, soon!

-impression of our pop up shop during the Market for Makers in the Glass factory in Jacksonville, Florida.

 pink lemon shop at markets for makers in miami

 presentation table ware at market for makers in Miami by pink lemon shop

 -impression of our stand at Market 4 Makers in the Design Building in Miami