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Essential cream for face

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Daily Face cream

Good ingredients are the reason moisturizers by Wendell+Lew feel and smell so good. Your skin responds naturally to healthful plant oils. Your nose notices the difference between lab-created "fragrances" and pure essential oils and rewards you with happier skin and a sense of wellness.

This face cream formula contains beneficial plant oils including hemp, safflower, grape seed, meadow foam and sweet almond. Essential oils of geranium and blood orange delight your senses and bring a host of qualities to your skin. Geranium oil is antibacterial, aids in wound healing and is also known for its astringent properties--tightening skin and firming. It is also known to help fade scars. Orange oil is anti-inflammatory and a mood lifter.

So enjoy the benefits. Use morning and night for normal to dry skin or just as a night cream for normal to oily skin.

Non-comedogenic; 2 ounce glass jar.

Wooden spoons

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