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Lavender Bud Sachet

Lavender Bud Sachet

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Lavender buds gathered into simple muslin sachet bags can be used to freshen any contained space, such as dresser drawers, hung on clothing hangers, or in your car.
These little bags will bring a fresh lavender smell that was grown and harvested in California. 

People everywhere have been rediscovering the many benefits of lavender. With rich soil and the perfect balance of temperatures, the California central coast was the obvious choice when it came time to expand the company Lavande, a beautiful ridge nestled in the wine country of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Lavande takes a simple agricultural product, lavender, and transforms this commodity into multiple products for use by people of all ages and stages. The product is both consumable and sustainable, using the best practices in the industry. 

We hope you love the smell of this little bud bags as much as we do and place them around your home.

Proudly made in America!

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