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Mo Man Tai

masterpieces patterns sheet - Deux

masterpieces patterns sheet - Deux

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Recreate an Old Master painting at home.

With this pattern sheet you can recreate a famous painting by using small nails and rope. Its a fun DIY project that will leave you amazed about the result! The masters proceed you, now you can enjoy it at home.

Masterpieces Pattern Sheet DEUX comes with a short description (in English, Dutch and German). The packaging includes one DIY poster with 3 different patterns from which you can choose one to apply. 

  1. Choose your favorite artwork, find a suitable spot and attach the pattern sheet to the wall or to a board with appropriate dimensions.
    2. Check whether you have sufficient nails. Hammer in each of the numbered dots of the chosen pattern a nail through the poster.
    3. String a thread or yarn from nail to nail following the numbers on the poster.
    4. Tear away the poster, smaller sections can be removed easily with a pair of tweezers.
    5. Take a few steps back and enjoy your own Masterpiece.

A short video description of how to produce your own Masterpiece (by using the Masterpieces Pattern Sheet not the DEUX): watch the video here

Tip: By choosing the sort of nails and color of the thread you can match your Masterpiece with the rest of your interior.

  • Jeune fille ombrelle Claude Monet:                     size: 31.5" x 31.5"
  • Mona Lisa        Leonardo da Vinci:                       size:  31.5 x 43"
  • La Grande Odalisque (portrait) J.A.D. Ingres        size:  29.5"x 35.5"

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